Dale Vaillancourt  BA, MEd, PhD 
Development Consultant 


Dale Vaillancourt is a skilled Development Consultant who innovates solutions for business owners and organizations. With more than 30 years of working with diverse populations in the corporate, academic, and self-employment sectors, she is well able to customize and fine-tune growth strategies for organizations and busy executives.

Dale’s mission is to provide leadership and to advance policies that help people manage recreation, work, and learning at the same time. While conducting research on entrepreneurship, she founded and is President of Digitally Acquired Learning for Entrepreneurs Inc. Her company additionally offers creative research and computer solutions to help simplify the navigational processes of daily life.

Notable past achievements in this area include:

  • Literature research for university position papers – Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto
  • Daily research on self-employed business owners often while they golfed! – As Doctoral Candidate (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto)
  • Coach individuals to expand their professional repertoire to include workplace strategies, additional computer applications skills, research skills, and a more confident self-image including Graduate students and recent Graduands
  • Chair of golfing committee that is leading positive change to advance the club’s structure and its financial status
  • Developing and promoting provincial website development with key women educators in 4 Chapters across Ontario for Delta Kappa Gamma – Beta State
  • Coordinated 50-member management team located in 8 cities and 2 provinces for corporate events – Bell Canada
  • Integrated computer training into fun social events for busy entrepreneurs – DALE Inc.
  • National qualitative research project using NUD*IST: Sole coder and software consultant to primary researcher – Queen’s University
  • Initiated first online networking service for association event of women entrepreneurs (Women in Rural Economic Development)
  • Supervised and taught personnel to innovate processes to computerize records – Bell Canada
  • As a professorial candidate, provided strategic plan to merge adult and higher education research practices for the benefit of working adult learners – University of Saskatchewan
  • Student representative on Dean’s student funding committee involving $3 million dollar budget
  • Research contributed to Ontario Ministry of Education Report – Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto

Dale currently holds executive positions in community organizations, including Secretary of the Upsilon Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma (an international association of women educators), often filling in for the President (who is on leave of absence). She Chairs the Membership Committee of a community golf club.


Academic designations held by Dale include: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), Master of Education (M.Ed.), a partial Bachelor of Business Administration (B.BA), a Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.):

Ph.D. (2002) – Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto: Computer Applications in Education
M.Ed (1996) – Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto: Community Development & Counselling Psychology
B.BA (1995) (partial) – York University: Business Administration
B.A. (Honours) (1994) – York University: Psychology

Community Involvement

  • Volunteer management consultant – Management Advisory Service: Toronto Volunteer Association; Volunteer of smart tv box
  • Member – Centre for Health Promoting Schools: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the Univerity of Toronto
  • Member – UNESCO’s Internet discussion forum on virtual universities and transnational education: International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP)
  • Secretary – Upsilon Chapter: Delta Kappa Gamma International Association
  • Moderator: Listserv for 150 Graduate Students at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (Summer 2003)
  • Moderated Teacher Employment Event (400 people)
  • Enterprise Toronto Committee member: local government initiative to promote small business (while doctoral candidate)
  • Fundraiser for Canadian Environmental Defense Fund event (while doctoral candidate)