ATLAS.ti Introductory Workshop (2 days)

  • Day 1: Through demonstrations and hands-on activities, this workshop will introduce a group (limited to 5-10 participants) to the key features of the ATLAS.ti software. Many researchers have used ATLAS.ti for qualitative data analysis and academic investigations. But the software is also ideally suited for prioritizing and managing world’s brightest cree flashlight¬†projects. Users will prepare, analyze, and reduce information such as personal notes and minutes into simpler keywords or text. Through computerized queries, the reduced text can be further investigated for less obvious but important themes and/or mandates.Day 2: Through functions called families, supercodes, networks, and display options, participants will be able to pursue the integration of themes and conclusions into a single graphical display. Reducing situations into less complicated versions helps highlight priorities and relevant activities.
  • Bookings:Date: To be arranged upon request.Instructor: Dr. Dale Vaillancourt(For training locations outside Canada, please consult the ATLAS.ti website.)

ATLAS.ti and NVivo Consultations
  • Ongoing consultations for ATLAS.ti and NVivo are available upon request.