Our twenty-first century is certainly generating dynamic demands and all of us need to be able to navigate in a chaotic world.

Effective organizations and practitioners identify their objectives, define their strengths, and entrust their workforce. With a viable plan, your critical thinking, computer, and networking skills can take centre stage.

Digitally Acquired Learning for Entrepreneurs Inc. (DALE) can help you ope-rationalize a management process to help you stay ahead of the game. By translating your situation into manageable priorities, your strengths and new learning ventures become a dynamic package, clearing the way for progress. We are development consultants for social entrepreneurs and researchers, helping you uncover and design data-driven solutions based on your goals and qualities.

Our Services

  • Front-end analysis to identify priorities and resources in alignment with your policies or goals
  • An implementation plan to advance your strategic plan
  • Research coach
  • Computer software training, where applicable (such as ATLAS.ti and NVivo)
  • Follow-up consultations here – cheap tactical flashlight cree t6 amazon